Almond in Australia

We are thrilled to announce we are the new established distributors of Almond Surfboards all the way from Newport California to the shores of Australia.

FLOC has been evolving since we established the brand mid 2015 with the idea that we focus on a less is more philosophy with brands that we feel have nailed it in terms of the design process, range and lifestyle choices. We couldn’t be more proud of our 4 brands include Almond Surfboards, Huffer, Menu and By Nord, who inspire us every day.

Almond is the premier lifestyle brand of the surfer-craftsman, hand-built surfboards are the foundation of what they do, but their aim is to make timeless, essential products for surfers and craftsman of all varieties. Whatever the pursuit, they’re a brand that believes in investing the time and committing to the process. Made in California since 2007.

We carry a healthy selection of Almond board stock and clothing as well as taking custom designed orders. Board orders are placed seasonally to keep our stock replenished. Local surfers and designers have been waiting for months to get their hands on an Almond board – come and check out the store, we would love to chat with you.

At FLOC we live where our hearts lie – by the ocean, longing for each new day, to see what mysteries lie ahead.